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We started providing memorial ornaments from Islander Trophies & Engraving to our families in 2008. They have been received from the families with an overwhelming expression of gratitude. The feedback has been extremely positive and the families have been very impressed with the quality of this memorial gift. The overall response was more positive than expected with extended family members contacting us to find out how they can get more. Islander Trophies & Engraving is always professional, courteous and time conscious when ordering and provides a quality product. During this difficult time we have found this to be a welcomed gesture.

Susan Downs Herring, Owner
Claytor Rollins Funeral Home & Crematory

Dear Darleen and the others at the Claytor Rollins Funeral Home,

Shortly before Christmas I arrived home from work one afternoon and found your package in my mailbox. I couldn’t imagine what you might be sending all these months later after the passing of my husband. When I opened it and realized what it was, the tears came.
I miss my husband so much. It’s like I’ve lost something very valuable and just cannot find it. I waited until my daughter came home later that day to hang it on our tree together. Thank you for that tender moment.
Each year when the ornament is hung on our Christmas tree, I’ll remember the wonder of the life time we shared. Thank you!

Sue Remington & Family - Yorktown, VA

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